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Profitability Preservation Reporting

Our 62 years of combined property management experience has honed the systems we implement daily, while caring for your investment. Profitability, Asset Preservation, and Clear Reporting are the anchor points of good property management.
Let us show you how we achieve this.

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About Anchor Property Services

Our staff has a combined management experience of over 62 years. With 31 years in Lee County, we have extensive relationships with maintenance professionals, keeping things running smoothly and solving emergencies quickly.

We are investors and we view all of our managed properties from this grid. Having owned many types of real estate we know how to create a solid return on your investment. From condos, duplexes, multi, or single family we have purchased, renovated, sold, and rented for profit.

We want to be a part of your trusted team, helping you reach your financial goals.

Give us a call today 239-994-4678 to setup an owner’s interview and we’ll take the hassle out of managing your properties.

Our Services

Rick Jackson

Property Manager

Douglas Jackson

Managing Broker

Anchor Property Services: Goals

Secure Investment

We believe well managed properties are more liquid, and demand higher returns when sold.


We want your confidence in our focus and methods which will prove themselves in short order.


We will do what we say and provide good communication along the way.

Anchor Property Services: Profitability

Market Focused Rents

We verify the market rents on a monthly basis making the most of your Real Estates income potential. If you chose to sell, a top of the market rental rate reinforces a higher sales price.

Discount System

Our contracts reward tenants that pay early. They earn a monthly discount which minimizes collection efforts. The market rent is equal to the discounted rent, so lost discounts mean “higher than market” rents are generated periodically.

Low Fees

We have very few fees. We look to the monthly management fee as the main source of income for our efforts.

In-House Maintenance

Using staff maintenance personnel keeps expenses low. Specialty vendors are used for solutions to difficult problems. Usually, their invoices are negotiated lower than advertised rates.


Our years of experience and proven selection criteria, funnel the exceptional tenants to our properties, while guiding the average elsewhere.

Quality Tenant Selection

Systematically contacting delinquent payers with calls and legal documents in a timely manner lowers eviction costs and loss of rent.

Tenant Retention

The longer a quality tenant stays in place the greater the profit. Turnover expenses, vacancy loss, and rent up costs can be avoided. We have seen many tenants remain upwards of 5-7 years.

Anchor Property Services: Asset Preservation


Video and Written documentation are recorded at the Initial Property Inspection and at the Tenant Pre and Post Inspections.

Maintenance Prevention Program

Annual, Semi-Annual, and Quarterly inspections are implemented to thwart more costly repairs before they strike.

Anchor Property Services: Clear Reporting

Online Report Access

Virtually, up to the minute information on your investment.

Monthly Statements

Full details of the month’s revenue and expenses are delivered via email or USPS.

Direct Funds Release on the 20th

You may select a paper check or direct deposit.

End of Year Reporting

End of Year Reporting – 1099’s are delivered in timely fashion by January 25th.

Property Owners

Each of our services support Three Anchor Points: Profitability, Asset Preservation, and Clear Reporting. Give us a call to schedule an owner’s interview. You will see how our time tested system will make investment property ownership stress free. Achieve your financial goals quickly and easily. With Anchor, your future is smooth sailing.
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Online Report Access

Monthly Market Analysis

Cost Focused Repairs

Low Turnover Rate

Collection Protocol

Carefree Tenant Selection


Enjoyment of your home is our top priority. We provide a num ber of services that make this possible: 24 hour maintenance, Online payments/statements, and Proven maintenance staff to name a few. We know you work hard to pay your bills and we’ll work hard to provide seamless service for you. Our 62 years of property management experience reflects our commitment to our tenants. Check out our available homes and call us for a showing today. You will love having us as Your Anchor.
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Electronic payments accepted

Real-time online statement access

24 Hour Maintenance

Emailed Statements and notices


Professional Maintenance & Vendors

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