Discover Our Management Services

Lee County, Florida is a great place to own real estate and an amazing place to live. We have been here through the beautiful days and the hurricanes. We are your trusted partner, your Anchor in real estate. We put our 75 years of experience in the industry to increase your profits and simplify the process of owning a real estate investment.

1. Marketing of the rental property

We quickly place your property and its benefits in front of thousands of perspective applicants.
Using software with integrated marketing we funnel your property to multiple rental sites such as, Zumper,,, and Facebook. This system has proven to be very effective in our market.

2. Applicant Screening Process

Choosing a strong tenant begins with proper screening. At Anchor Property Services we use a very thorough process to select the most qualified tenants. We use digital information as well as phone calls to verify each applicant. Pulling credit scores and viewing consumer debt to available credit ratios reveals default issues before they occur. Criminal, Sexual Offender, Civil, and Eviction searches reveal character and may be indications of future issues. Employment History, Rental History, and Current Income are all important factors in evaluating a good prospect. In accordance with federal fair housing we have stated requirements for each of these areas.

3. Rent Collection

Timely, consistent rent collection is our passion. To assist in this, we have a wide range of options for tenants to pay rent. Our tenant portal provides for electronic bank or debit/credit card payments. Rents can also be mailed or received at two drop off locations. We are constantly looking for new ways to make rent payment convenient and seamless for all of our tenants.

4. Property Repairs and Maintenance

Cost, Quality, and Timeliness are needed in property repair and maintenance. At Anchor we use a two-tiered approach. We have in-house maintenance staff for general maintenance and turn over repairs at a reasonable rate. If technical knowledge is needed, we used vetted professionals in the areas of HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing. We have long standing relationships with vendors, and we have proof of their workman’s comp and liability insurance on file.

5.Detailed Financial Reporting

Focused investors, as yourselves, need clear reporting for critical decisions. Our owner’s portal into our management software provides just that. You can view financial data whenever you choose. In addition, we provide monthly reports digitally or by mail with the monthly owner’s draw.

More About Us

A wise investor once said: “I want to own a property and have someone else pay for it.”

Our focus is to accomplish this while producing additional monthly income for the investor. Anchor Property Services provides all of the systems that make this a consistent reality.

We do the day to day so you can keep your long-term goals in focus. Below are more ways we help you through our processes:

  • Handle all tenant correspondence, including requests for maintenance and service.
  • Fully account for all financial transactions, giving you 24/7 access online.
  • Perform regular maintenance & inspections of your investment, providing 24-hour on-call emergency repairs.
  • Printed or Paperless, detailed monthly statements. We will disburse funds to multiple entities/owners, if needed.
  • All deposits are maintained in a non-interest-bearing account with monthly reconciliations in accordance with Florida Real Estate Commission guidelines.
  • Perform a full verification of Credit, Criminal & Rental History including National Sex Offender search on all applicants.
  • Conduct written inspections of the property, annually. Periodic curbside inspections are also performed and documented. Our maintenance staff are trained to report any poor or unsafe conditions seen during any visits to the property.