Choosing the right partner

We have learned a lot over our 75 years of experience. We began as investors ourselves and now focus our talents on great profitability for other investors. Whether you have one property or a portfolio to manage we are ready and able. If you are tired of dealing with tenant issues as a self-managing investor or you have a multi-unit property or portfolio to manage, we are confident we will make your experience peaceful and profitable. Our Three pillars are Profitability, Asset Preservation, and Clear Reporting, let’s show you how we accomplish this.


Low Vacancy Rates – We show homes prior to the current tenant leaving. It is in our agreement with the tenants. There is little to no vacancy loss. Frequently, there are approved applications for new tenants prior to the vacancy.

Market Focused Rents – We verify the market rents on a monthly basis making the most of your Real Estates income potential. If you choose to sell, a top of the market rental rate reinforces a higher sales price.

Discount System – Our contracts reward tenants that pay promptly and perform minor maintenance for upkeep of the property, such as changing the HVAC Filter. They earn a monthly discount which minimizes collection efforts. The market rent is equal to the discounted rent, so lost discounts mean “top of the market” rents are generated periodically.

Quality Tenant Selection – Our years of experience and proven selection criteria, funnel the exceptional tenants to our properties, while guiding the average elsewhere. We run Income checks, Credit History, Residential History, Eviction Screening, Criminal & Civil background checks, and Sexual Offender Verifications.

Low Turnover Rate – The longer a quality tenant stays in place the greater the profit. Turnover expenses, vacancy loss, and rent up costs can be avoided. We have seen many tenants remain upwards of 5-7 years.

In-house maintenance – Using staff maintenance personnel keeps expenses low. Vetted specialty vendors are used for solutions to difficult problems. Usually, their invoices are negotiated lower than advertised rates.

Asset Preservation

Inspections – Photo and Written documentation are recorded at the Initial Property Inspection and at the Tenant Pre and Post Inspections as well. Annual inspections are performed when a tenant renews their agreement.

Maintenance Prevention Program – Annual inspections are systematically implemented for properties with renewing tenants. This is an economic way to prevent maintenance issues that tenants may not notice. Semi-Annual inspections may be requested for properties that would benefit from additional oversight.

Clear Reporting

Online Report Access – Virtually, up to the minute information on your investment.

Monthly Statements – Full details of the month’s revenue and expenses are delivered via email or USPS.

Direct Funds Release on the 12th-15th – You may select a paper check or direct deposit.

End of Year Reporting – 1099’s are delivered in timely fashion by January 25th.